Halloween Costumes Based on the Signs

Deciding on a costume for Halloween can be overwhelming, especially when the big night is right around the corner. There are endless options to choose from and most college students don't have time to spend hours scrolling through Pinterest in search of the perfect costume. So why put yourself through this stressful process when you can let the stars decide for you?


To simplify your search, I've compiled a list of costumes based on each astrological sign's traits and characteristics.

  1. 1. Scorpio

    The confident and mysterious nature of a Scorpio is perfect for dressing as Morticia Addams. Try out this costume with a long black dress, wig, and a ghostly makeup look.

  2. 2. Sagittarius

    Energetic, outgoing, and likeable; Sagittarius woman make great cheerleaders. Throw on a peppy skirt with a pair of white tennis shoes and you're good to go.

  3. 3. Capricorn

    Independent and focused happen to be a Capricorn's middle names, so what better costume than a jungle cat? Take your costume to the next level by drawing spots on your face with eyeshaddow and liner.

  4. 4. Aquarius

    Aquarius tend to be intellectual and thoughtful which pair perfectly with a school girl costume. Grab a group of friends and go as the characters from Gossip Girl.

  5. 5. Pisces

    Selfless, imaginative, and sweet; Pisces would make a great Ariana Grande. Ari is a big fan of oversized sweatshirts and thigh-high boots, so you'll be able to stay comfy this spooky season but without sacrificing style.

  6. 6. Aries

    Aries are bold, confident, and stong-willed much like Princess Jasmine. Try making your own costume with a jade colored two-piece set as the main componant.

  7. 7. Taurus

    Taurus women are romantic, patient, but also stubborn. Rachel Green from Friends is the epitomy of these traits. Pair a Central Perk apron with any outfit and cary around a coffee mug for this look.

  8. 8. Gemini

    Geminis are enthusiastic, expressive, and have many sides to their personalities. Harley Quinn is a good match for this sign. Wear blue and red makeup with the iconic "Daddy's Little Monster" shirt and let the festivities begin.

  9. 9. Cancer

    Cancers are thoughtful, empathetic, and homebodies; much like Elastigirl from the Incredibles. For this costume, wear a red top over a black body suit with a mask and boots.


  10. 10. Leo

    Leos are very striking and confident in nature so it only makes sense for them to have bold costumes. Dressing up as Kylie Jenner, a Leo herself, would make a fitting costume. Try her Victoria Secret Angel look from last year.

  11. 11. Virgo

    Virgos are analytical, honest, and determined; like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. Try this enchanting look with a wand, neck tie, and cape.

  12. 12. Libra

    Libras are charming, social, and friendly. They would make great mermaids for Halloween. Incorporate metallics and pearls into your outfit for a showstopping look.

Hopefully these ideas resonate with your astrological sign and spark some ideas for your costumes. Happy Halloween!