A Guide to March Madness for Women

Each year we're invited to join in on the NCAA tournament bracket known as March Madness.


Personally, I don't really watch basketball, and a lot of you probably don't either. There's good news for you though, as it seems like the girl who chooses her teams based on colors and mascots nearly always beats the avid basketball fan.



If you watch basketball, go ahead and stick to your guns. If you don't, pick whatever team your heart desires. I usually like to read a preview article before making my picks just so I look somewhat educated, but to be honest, I've never won.


Every bracket team that I've joined, a girl with little to no information about basketball wins.


My advice: First choose some of the bigger names to win out the first few rounds, with maybe one or two exceptions, especially when they're playing a team with a cute mascot, ahem UVA. Then start picking teams purely based on colors. Teams of blue typically make it the farthest, so favor the blue.


Your guy friends will be astonished when you nail the bracket. And if they ask how, say this: "There's a lot more to me than you know."