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Graduation Blues: The Last Week to Live it Up!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

For all you graduating seniors, trust me, I know.
I know exactly how you feel. You can’t wait for all your work to be done and finals week to come and go. Unfortunately, there’s a price to pay. Once finals week is over, then it’s cap and gown time… completely bittersweet.
We have one week to check everything off our list. If you haven’t started yet, it’s absolutely crucial to let your hair down. Now is the time. Have you gone to Mr. J’s one last time? Have you gone downtown to Kline’s, Dave’s or Jack Browns? Have you dared to streak the Quad? (2 a.m. is the best time to accomplish this!) These are the things that will sum up your experience here at JMU. Take advantage of this last week and try not to stress about finals too much!

In comparison, some of you may be ready to move on and start another chapter in your life. You’re over house parties, silly papers to write and making dumb mistakes. All you can think about is going home and finding the right job.  But if you’re like me, the thought of entering the real world kind of haunts you in your sleep. Well, we can’t stop time and the countdown has official began. May 5th is approaching fast and it’s time collegiettes; time to prepare for what we’ve all been working so hard for:
Elle Woods shouting, “We did it!”
The past four years have been memorable, and probably the best years of my life. Graduation will be sad, but the thought of it being on Cinco de Mayo not only makes me even happier, but helps me with my bittersweet blues.

Don’t go home wishing you did something spontaneous, or regret not checking things off your grad list. Get out there this last week – then celebrate wearing purple and gold!
ConGRADulations seniors! We really did do it!

Alexa is a junior from Cream Ridge, New Jersey.  She is studying Media Arts & Design with a concentration in Corporate Communication and minors in Creative Writing and Anthropology.  She works for the JMU Office of Residence Life as a Program Adviser and as the Graphics Editor for The Breeze.  She loves watching The Bachelor, pinning to her fashion boards and running outside.   Alexa aspires to work in the glamouous fashion magazine industry in New York City or LA.