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One of the most important days in a collegiette’s life is her graduation day. It’s the culmination of every all-nighter, exam and emotional breakdown from work overload. Fortunately, it’s the beginning of a new chapter in her life, with literally hundreds of options.

The big day is coming around faster than you realize. Before you know it you will be walking across the stage in that beautiful dress that you just knew was perfect for you. Of course, with graduation comes hundreds of pictures, and knowing which makeup and hair products to choose so that you look as flawless as possible can be daunting.

But have no fear!

 If you want to look glamorous in all of your pictures on graduation day, here are a few tips!

Wear a primer and moisturizer
The day of graduation can be long and drawn out. If you want your makeup to last and don’t want to worry about how it looks every 30 minutes then a primer is a must. If you have dry skin and don’t want your makeup to look caked then a moisturizer is ideal.

Wear a waterproof mascara and eyeliner
It can be dreadful to see all the friends you’ve made over the years and realize that things will never be the same. You may get a little emotional and don’t need a total makeup meltdown. Avoid this by wearing waterproof mascara and eyeliner, so if you do get teary-eyed, it won’t run down your face.

Don’t wear too much makeup
A common mistake made when preparing for any special occasion is to overdo makeup. Choose what you think is your best feature and play that up. Choosing an eye makeup color is easy as long as you know what tones work best with your skin and eye color. Those with green eyes tend to look best with dusty purples and taupe, blue eyes with browns, and brown eyes with blues or plum colors. These rules always apply for a natural look.

Go for a natural or soft pink lip
To make your lipstick last, prep your lips by exfoliating them and apply a lip moisturizer. Put on the rest of your makeup so your lips have time to soak in the product. After you’ve finished the rest of your makeup, wipe off any excess lip product and line your lips with a natural-colored lip liner. Apply a think thin layer of gloss in the center of lips.

Don’t do last-minute experiments
As much as you want to change the color of your hair the day before graduation, please don’t! You really don’t want to have to deal with bad hair coloring on your big day. If you are unsure of what hairstyle to wear, I find large, barrel curls pair wonderfully with a cap and gown, no matter what hair length.

Ivelisse Flores is a senior at James Madison University. She is a Writing Rhetoric and Technical Communications major, and a Creative Writing minor. She is a Chapter Advisor for many branches across the globe, and a Contributing Writer for Her Campus JMU. A city girl from Manhattan, she loves to go out around town with a "Shop-till-you-drop" attitude. On campus, you can find Ivelisse involved in other organizations such as The Blue Ridge Church of Christ Christian Fellowship, The Society of Professional Journalists, Rudi-SIA, and Curls. An avid volunteer, Ivelisse also strives to balance her time with schoolwork as well as a part-time job with the Center For Multicultural Student Services. When she isn't looking through the latest fashion magazine, you can find Ivelisse eating massive amounts of sushi, cheesecake, or singing aloud to a Disney song on her Ipod. Ivelisse enjoys all things girly, and is fanatical about the color pink.
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