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Grad Gift Guide: Nursing Edition

We have finally reached April, and though you may have a semester to go, your best friend may not. So, have you gotten him/her the perfect gift yet? Even though you have a little over a month, these things can take some time. If your best girl or guy friend is a nurse, then you’re in the right place!

The Grad Gift Guide: Nursing Edition

Of course you can opt for scrubs, but I have found a few items that are cute (and sentimental!) that she is sure to love!

This is a handcrafted necklace that I found on Etsy that is $36. It’s a darling little keepsake that you are able to customize with their initial, as well as the material (in this case, pearl!). They will know that you put thought into this purchase!

If she is a girly girl, then she is also most likely a fan of monogrammed items. I discovered a variety of t-shirts that gives you free reign on the design where you can customize the font, color, etc., all found on Etsy. Test your creativity and see what you create!

These cute monograms also come in iron-on patches. That way, if you don’t want a shirt, you can have a patch made that could be ironed on to a tote or maybe even her scrubs.

As mentioned before, summertime is approaching, and before these nurses are tied down–they may need something to chill on the beach or by the pool with. You can have these personalized to your liking. They are also great to hold gift cards to awesome places like Starbucks, or perhaps just $.

Apart from Etsy, Pinterest is also a great resource to find DIY’s and all kinds of gifts! Make yours count.

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