Glossier Products You Need to Try

You may have noticed the sudden burst in popularity of the brand Glossier. Their beauty products are breaking the internet from our Instagram feeds to Youtube hauls. But what about these products is making them so popular?


The minimalist "no makeup" makeup look is very in at the moment. All over the world, people are loving and recreating this natural look. Glossier carries the perfect product basics to achieve this style and the best part is that all of these products are hypoallergenic, cruelty free, paraben free, and fragrance free.

  1. 1. Boy Brow

    This eyebrow product is a staple for so many people! It works to shape your brows into place while adding some color. The result is an effortless, yet put together, brow that's perfect for any occasion.

  2. 2. Balm Dotcom

    This top rated lip balm was engineered to combat dryness by sealing in moisture. It comes in a variety of flavors and tints.

  3. 3. Cloud Paint

    This creamy blush seamlessly blends right on to your cheek. It is buildable and dabs on easily with your fingers. Fun fact: the product colors were inspired by New York sunsets.

  4. 4. Lash Slick

    This mascara's specialty is all about enhancing your natural look, rather than changing it like most other mascaras on the market. Lash Slick works to lenthen and curl the lashes while also being water-resitant. 

  5. 5. Haloscope

    This highlighter creates the perfect dewy look. There are two main parts to this formula -- the outside is infused with crystal extracts and center is loaded with vitamin moisturizers. The result is a highlight that's never dry.

Next time you're looking to try a new beauty product, try Glossier!