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Get Gameday Gorgeous

When most people think of the term “Game Day,” fashion is probably the last thing that comes to mind.  But I disagree...the best part of Game Day IS the fashion!
In fact, I am not alone; there are others who think just like me.  One website I came across, GamedayGorgeous.com, shares my views.  They define “game day gorgeous” as follows:  “characterized by being impeccably stylish and splendid in appearance, specifically for the purpose of watching and/or attending a sporting event.”  Who knew such a definition existed!
While fellow Virginia schools (UVA, VT) are lucky enough to have cute Game Day apparel such as the Victoria’s Secret Collegiate Pink Collection, JMU has not had that luxury yet.  Bummer.
So what’s an HC JMUer left to do…come up with countless, fabulous outfit combinations, of course!  For those of you who are tired of donning the same old JMU embroidered sweatshirt and printed tees, I have good news.  Not only is there nothing wrong with showing up to a game impeccably dressed, but it’s strongly encouraged! 
Whether it’s for a JMU basketball game or an on campus event, it’s vital that you not only show up, but also dress the part and display your school spirit.  Let’s get started!
Purple, Purple, Purple!
In a sea full of fans, it’s not imperative that you wear a JMU tee shirt or sweatshirt (although you certainly can).  If you are wearing something purple, whether it is a fitted purple sweatshirt, polo, or tee, it will be more than clear who you are supporting!  That said, here are some ideas to keep your Game Day wardrobe anything but boring.

Note to self:  Choosing the right hue of purple is essential.  You want to make sure to choose apparel in royal purple, the deepest of all purples.  Lilac and red-violet just don’t cut it, so don’t go there!

If you know me, then you are probably familiar with my obsession with cardigans.  Effortless and comfortable, a cardigan can come in handy in stuffy sporting complexes.  Whether you take it off or leave it on, it never hurts to have a cardigan by your side!

Be Bold With Your Accessories
In addition to painting your nails purple, there are numerous ways to dress fashionably for JMU functions.  To avoid looking uniform in a crowd of purple, work accessories to your benefit. 
Personalize your look by mixing-and-matching accessories; this will be your key to standing out.
Don’t be subtle, take it to the max with bold accessories.  Go for anything purple and gold that is unique, funky, or eye-catching.  Costume jewelry is a great option that will surely set you apart from the crowd.  Think long necklaces with big beads, chunky bangles, jagged gem stone earrings and oversized cocktail rings (my favorite)!

Leave silver jewelry at home and opt for gold. Since gold is similar to yellow, any jewelry in this gaudy metal is fair game.  A gold cuff or necklace layered on top of a purple top is fierce and will make an instant statement.

Want something really versatile?  Try a Pomchie:  it’s essentially a scrunchie that looks like a pom-pom.  Worn on either your pony tail or wrist, it’s only $5.95 from the JMU bookstore!
A year-round favorite, purple scarves will certainly come in handy.  For Game Days that you want to rock a simple but pulled together look, wrap a lightweight scarf around your neck.  To further spice things up (and keep your legs warm!), wear some purple or mustard yellow tights! 
As a final touch to any ensemble, add a white headband (with a bow of course) to complement the royal purple.
Shopping Tip
Be on the lookout for purple apparel at your favorite stores; when it’s on sale buy it!  With so many JMU games and events to attend in a school year, you’ll want to have as much purple clothing as possible to avoid wearing the same things over and over again. 
Final Thoughts
If you are going to wear a JMU tee shirt, then incorporate one into a trendy ensemble.  Select your favorite skirt, preferably high-waisted, a long cardigan, and pair it with a JMU shirt.  Quirky but cute!  

In the midst of yelling, “Go Duuukes,” feel a sense of satisfaction that you’re splendidly dressed!

Anjerika Wilmer is a senior at James Madison University, pursuing a degree in Art History and Media Arts & Design with a concentration in Journalism. In addition to being a Branch Manager for Her Campus, Anjerika is a contributing writer for Her Campus JMU. Over the summer, she spent five weeks abroad in Vienna, Austria in search of “the Good.” After her inspirational trip to Vienna, Anjerika hopes to see more of the world, specifically Paris and London. Obsessed with all things girly and feminine, nothing makes her happier than classic cardigans, pleated skirts and oxford shoes! A full-fledged fashionista, Anjerika dedicates her spare time to reading fashion magazines, studying runway, blogging and swooning over Olivia Palermo’s impeccable style. As for the future, she plans to attend graduate school and pursue a career in fashion journalism. Moleskine journal in hand, Anjerika is ready to take the fashion world by storm!
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