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Get Bikini Ready (And Still Ace Your Finals!)

It’s that time of year again, and if you’re like me, you’re piling into Carrier to cram fifteen weeks of knowledge into your brain. Of course, grades are important, but so is your health (not to mention sanity)! So while it may be tempting to act like a vegetable instead of eating one, just remember beach season is coming up! If you want to have a killer bod and still get that elusive 4.0, here’s what to do!

  • Yoga and Pilates

Even if you’re not exactly coordinated, yoga and Pilates are great ways to tone up your muscles, get lean, and feel better. Just 30 minutes could greatly improve your mood and focus! You can do these exercises solo, with a friend, or in a group at UREC. On a nice day, there’s nothing better than doing a little yoga in the Arboretum. If you’re feeling adventurous and have a little cash, why not go on UREC’s “Yogis Take a Hike” trip? For $15, you can go on a beautiful hike and meditate in the Shenandoah Valley on Friday, April 29, from 3-7 PM. Leadership and brain food are provided. 

  • Be a Tomboy

Take a cue from the boys in the Village and join in on a friendly game of touch football, soccer, or Ultimate Frisbee. Hang out on the Festival lawn and take a longboarding lesson from a Campus Cutie. For something different, you can make like Reggie Rocket and try your hand at street hockey. On Friday, April 29, from 4-5:30 PM, there is an open street hockey game at Hillside Courts. Even if you don’t know a puck from a slap shot, you’re welcome to join! Who knows, you might even meet your new study buddy! For more information on the game, contact Ben Schlief.

  • Grab a Friend

Regain focus from a tiresome day of hitting the books and make time for some long-overdue bonding time with the besties. Go for a jog in the beautiful Purcell Park, or hey, play in the playground (no one will judge you!). If you have an hour or so, reenact Greek Week and play Capture the Flag or find a Slip ‘n’ Slide. If that doesn’t appeal to you, why not go for a swim? While it may not be the most vigorous of, um, “workouts,” you can certainly recuperate with a Dive-In movie at UREC. You can tread water while watching Finding Nemo on Thursday, April 28, from 9-11 PM for free. 

  • Desk Exercises

If you’re extremely pressed for time, you can do simple exercises while studying. Doing stretches, lunges, and squats may not seem like much, but it’s better than nothing! If you have facts to memorize, why not jog in place while reciting them? The increased blow flow to your brain will help you retain important facts easier, so you can get a top score on that dreaded Anatomy final. For more ideas on easy, quick workouts you can do in ECL without looking kind of insane, take a look at webmd!

  • Reenergize

Don’t let those delicious Little Debbie cakes ruin all your hard work! Instead of heading to the vending machine, grab a piece of fruit before leaving D-hall. Water will hydrate and energize you more than that pot of coffee your roommate brewed. If plain water isn’t your idea of delightful hydration, Vitamin Water is the next best thing! Stay away from those quesadillas at PC Dukes (trust me, you don’t even want to know their nutritional information), and get a veggie-filled sub instead. For more ideas and helpful hints on what to choose, check out Alexa Johnson’s article on how to eat healthier on campus.

It’s sometimes easier and definitely tempting to neglect your body, but it’s not worth it! Your brain will thank you come finals week. Getting your body pumped and fueling it with healthy foods will help you stay focused (and awake) while studying. By the time you’re ready to hit Virginia Beach, you’ll be healthier, feeling confident in that cute swimsuit, and looking even more beautiful than you already are, Collegiettes™!

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