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Fun Sites to Procrastinate on During Finals Week!

Finals are approaching ladies and yes, it is only appropriate to think that studying is a priority these next few weeks. Let’s be honest though, procrastination is bound to occur! As an avid stumbler, I am here to help you with your procrastination skills. I do not condone that procrastination is the best thing to do when you have back-to-back finals on that Monday of finals week, but why not have the option? Since your computer is right in front of you at ECL or Carrier library, take some time to explore a bit. I mean, why not? You were planning on being at the library all night anyway…

Stumble Upon is an application that can be downloaded onto Firefox free with one simple click of the mouse! Simply click Google search and type in Stumble Uponto download the application. Now, you must be wondering, what is Stumble Upon? In my opinion, this application could be a blessing or a curse to all of us. Unfortunately, it convicts itself as being quite the procrastination tool. I agree with this sentiment.
However, I am able to discover the most extraordinary sites and information while I stumble, from photographs and videos that make my eyes smile to food blogs that make my mouth water. Why not take it to the next step and take even more of a break from studying and cook some of these splendid recipes? All you do is click the “Stumble” button on your tool bar and you are taken on a journey through the Internet. Stumbling can take up a lot of time, so that being said – know what you’re getting into before you click that stumble button!

Sporcle.com is by far one of the best websites to procrastinate on. Not only does it take you away from your studying, it also actually strains your brain a bit. Pick any game to play and use your brain to fill in the answers as fast as you can because you are timed. It is addicting and pretty fun if you’re actually good with this type of trivia!
Cosmopolitan.com. Enough said. This site doesn’t have any games that trick your brain, but it has every type of information that all girls want to know about sex, relationships, style, beauty, and more. Yes, there are quizzes and games, so go for it and procrastinate more with testing your knowledge on “Sex and the City Quotes.” Be my guest and explore secrets that guys keep about sex and about their thoughts on ladies. Not very visual, but very informative!
Texts From Last Night seems like a boring site but when you are confronted with stranger’s text messages from their previous nights, an addiction is soon to come. There is something interesting about living vicariously through someone else’s life, so why not push those books aside and read some embarrassing, humiliating texts from people you probably will never meet?

Musictonic.com is an awesome site if you’re looking to just listen to music and watch music videos. Personally, I can be on this site for hours on end just watching my favorite bands and singers’ music videos!  It’s a great way to learn new music and further ignore your exam.
It’s only obvious that Facebook and Twitter are the main two procrastination sites, but be more adventurous and try new sites! You may learn something new while you are procrastinating studying for that cumulative Geology exam. Good luck ladies!

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