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Five Reasons Why Pugs are the Best Dogs

Have you ever wanted a dog that is cuddly, adorable, entertaining and one of the most loyal kinds of dogs there is? Then look no further because a PUG is just what you are looking for! Pugs are honestly the best dogs in the world and they have so many unique things about them. They are so full of unconditional love and below are just a few of the many reasons why…



1. They look amazing in costumes and sweaters

Most people like to dress up their dogs in costumes on Halloween, sweaters on Christmas, and maybe even outfits for other holidays. Let me tell you something though when you dress up a pug they look absolutely adorable. Another plus of dressing up a pug is that they are so chill and basically just let you do whatever you want with them, which makes it so much fun. My pug has a pink little sweater for the winter and then has antlers for Christmas time and she absolutely loves them both and looks stellar in them as well.


2. They love to be around people all the time

Pugs really live up to the expectation of a mans or in my case a woman’s best friend. They are one of the most loyal dogs in the entire world. Every step you take, every room you leave and enter, anytime you make any kind of movement, you will hear their nails on the floor right behind you. They love being around people and being the center of your attention 24/7. 


3. They are just downright funny

Even though pugs may not be the smartest dogs in the world, they are definitely one of the funniest. My pug for example, just by the way she looks it makes you laugh. Her tongue is a lot longer than what can fit in her mouth so ever since we got her, her tongue just sticks out of her mouth 24/7. It honestly makes me laugh every time I look at her. Besides the looks though they just do some funny stuff like trying to chase their short, curly tail that they will obviously never catch. If you ever need a laugh I highly recommend watching a pug, you will be very entertained.


4. They are chill and sleep a majority of the day

If you are looking for a dog that will literally be the best “Netflix and Chill”  buddy then a pug is what you need. They might not be the most active dog but they are definitely the laziest dogs. They will provide you with unimaginable comfort and snuggles after a long day and even on just a lazy weekend. They sleep a majority of the day anyway so if you are a person who loves taking naps, they will be ready to cuddle and take a nap with you.


5. They are just downright adorable

Pugs are just downright adorable. Even though they are chubby and their face might look like someone has smashed it with a flat iron, they are definitely a one of kind dog. My mom used to say to me that “they are so ugly, they are cute”, which for a lot of people is a very true statement. When I look at my pug or any pug I just immediately think of how chubby, cute, and fluffy they are.


Pugs are honestly one of the best kinds of dogs that there is. From the entertainment they provide to their adorable looks and lazy habits who wouldn’t be excited to see them at the end of a long day?!?! They are such fabulous creatures and honestly, everyone should have a pug!

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