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Fighting Spring Fever

The weather is gorgeous, the days are long, you’re young, you’re social and you want to get out and enjoy it! Who can blame you, you’re only human! Unfortunately, you’re also a student and at the end of the day, finals week won’t care that you have a nice tan. So how can we fight this spring fever and get back on track in time to ace those finals we’ve been dreading since Christmas!?
1. Make it a Date!

OK so this might not be the kind of date you had in mind, but making a study date with a few friends from class is a great way to make sure you’re in the library instead of being distracted by that awesome party going on across the street from you. If you know that you have somewhere to be, you’re definitely less likely to shake your responsibilities for a little fun in the sun (as hard as it may be). Also, studying with a group of people can help you better prepare for your tests because you can compare what you all know and don’t know! I think I sense the killing of two birds with one stone here! 

2. Stick to the Schedule

Some people aren’t much into planning. That being said, making a schedule of what you’re going to do the following day and including times can help make sure that you don’t accidentally make time for oiling up and laying outside. (As a side note, if you don’t have a busy day, take full advantage of a little R&R because we all need it!) This will also ensure that you get everything on your to-do list crossed off so that if possible, you canhave free time to do the things you really need to do—like sleep, perhaps.

3. Take Care of You!

The weeks before finals week can mean a lot of neglect on the part of your health. Vending machine dinners, fewer and fewer trips to the gym, sleepless nights and obscene amounts of coffee can really take a toll on your body in a negative way. That being said, when planning out your week, try to make a conscious effort to decide when you’re going to get some physical activity in and when you’re going to eat a good and energizing meal.

Exercise and certain foods can be just as energizing as that triple shot of espresso and will help your immune system when those all-nighters start to creep up on you (of course tips 1 and 2 might make those all-nighters obsolete). 

 The bad news is that we still have a few more weeks of classes and one long week of finals. The good news, though, in about 30 days it will all be over and you’ll have a whole summer full of sun, fun and relaxation! Power through, collegiettes! I know you can!
I'm currently a Senior WRTC major and Human Resource Development minor at James Madison University. I'm an executive member of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority and also an executive member of the Human Resource Development Club. I've been involved in HerCampus JMU since my freshman year and am from New Fairfield, CT!
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