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Fab & Fit: 5 Delicious Post-Workout Snacks

You’ve made it through that grueling workout and if you’re anything like me, the first thing on your mind is digging into a big cheeseburger, a side of fries, and a milkshake. Of course, that would defeat your entire workout and probably leave you feeling terrible! Here are some delicious post-workout snacks that are tasty and won’t have you feeling like all your hard work has gone to waste…

1. Hummus on a Whole Wheat Pita

This delicious Grecian snack will provide you with the post-workout protein you need, without busting your calorie budget. The whole-wheat pita will give you some high-fiber carbs to keep you feeling full for longer! 

2. Banana with Peanut Butter

Bananas often get hit with being too sugary, but they are perfect post-workout to replenish you energy level. As for the peanut butter – while it’s definitely a good source of protein, it also just makes the snack taste so much better.

3. Greek Yogurt

This yogurt is packed with protein and pro-biotics, which are an added health plus! The best part about this yogurt is its wide variety.  Try a brand like Chobani with tons of flavors. From Vanilla to Blood Orange, you can change up this snack as often as you like! 

4. Cereal

This snack is a quick and easy classic. Add fat-free milk to any whole-wheat type of cereal. This snack is perfect if you’re in a hurry and want something to hold you over until your next meal.

5. Protein Bars

This is by far the easiest option if you’ll be quick on the go after your workout. Look for protein bars with high protein but low sugar. As a general rule of thumb, the less ingredients, the better. Another plus – there are so many different brands and flavors, it’ll be hard to get bored!



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