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Evan Payton ’14

Name: Evan Payton

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Marketing

Hometown: Gainesville, VA

Relationship Status: Single

Activities/Interests: I’m currently only in Sigma Nu fraternity but plan on joining a couple more clubs. I love playing sports in my free time such as basketball, soccer etc. I’m also a big music guy, so you’ll easily catch me with my iPod! 

Why did you choose JMU? I just knew it was the right school for me when I first visited. The campus is big but it has a small feel to it, which is what really got to me.  FOOD is one of the biggest reasons why I chose this school too – I actually want to look forward to lunch and dinner throughout the day instead of dreading it!  Also because I wanted to be around positive and spirited students. When I visited, all I saw were students and ambassadors smiling at us potential students like we were already part of the campus. It really was a good feeling.

What is your ideal date?  Just the casual dinner and a movie. I ‘d like to actually get to know the girl more than impress her with a super expensive and outrageous date.

Celebrity crush: Mila Kunis

3 words that best describe you: Creative, outgoing, competitive

Alexa is a junior from Cream Ridge, New Jersey.  She is studying Media Arts & Design with a concentration in Corporate Communication and minors in Creative Writing and Anthropology.  She works for the JMU Office of Residence Life as a Program Adviser and as the Graphics Editor for The Breeze.  She loves watching The Bachelor, pinning to her fashion boards and running outside.   Alexa aspires to work in the glamouous fashion magazine industry in New York City or LA.
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