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Doc Martens Are the Perfect Staple Boot: Fall Fashion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

If you’re looking for a versatile “to go” shoe, I highly recommend purchasing a pair of Doc Martens. Since senior year of high school, Doc’s have been my staple shoe. What started off as a casual “black boot” purchase for the school year, has become an identity piece. Ask any of my friends and family and they will tell you I am obsessed with my Doc’s. To me, they are the perfect shoe for fall, winter, and spring, and can be paired with almost any type of outfit. In this article I shall be diving into common questions I get about my Doc’s,  and ideas of how to style Doc’s during the crisp fall days.  


How Many Doc’s do I Own? 



My first pair were the classic black, and since I have acquired seven other pairs of various styles and colors; such as, rain boots, sandals, black platform boots, cherry-black ombre boots, red boots, workman style boots, and floral tennis shoes. Since I love Doc’s so much I have built a collection suited for any weather and any outfit. 


Note: Doc’s can come in real or faux leather!


Favorite Pair? 

To someone new to Doc Martens I would suggest the classic style of Doc’s in the color of your choice. However, my favorite pair of Doc’s are my black boots in the style “Leona”. These boots are platformed, have brass buckles, and give a boost of confidence with each step! 



Are Doc’s Durable? 



The bottom line is, if you wear your Doc’s they will get scuffed and the sole will wear down, however you will get many many miles out of them before they “retire”. Above, is a picture of my first pair of black Doc’s. It would not be an overstatement to say I wore these boots everyday, fall through spring, for two years straight. I wore them during my study abroad trip to the UK and Ireland, and they have endured snow, rain, mountains, and lots and lots of walking. The entire time they remained sturdy and gave me protection against the elements, and therefore I would say Doc’s are 100% durable. 


Are Doc’s Worth the Price?

I get this question quite a lot since Doc’s range from $80-$280, depending upon the style and material. To me the answer is yes, they are worth every penny based on quality and versatility. Still I understand the price point can be quite steep, therefore I would suggest looking at consignment stores, online retailers, and stores such as Ross. I have bought three of my eight pairs for less than $50, so be on the lookout for Doc deals! 


How Did You Break Them In?

New owners often complain about their Doc’s not being comfortable and causing blisters. To this, I would say you either bought the wrong size, or are not wearing the correct socks. While Doc’s do get softer over the years, the leather is quite stiff right out of the box and need to be worn for a couple months before they are “broken in”. However, there is no need to get blisters while waiting for the leather to soften! I usually size up to give my feet room to breath, and also wear thick high socks to stop any leather to skin contact. 



Next, I am going to give you some outfit tips for fall, all styled with Doc Martens. 


#1: Patterned Pants



Every wardrobe should include a pair of fun, patterned pants. Mine are these black, white, and yellow plaid pants from Forever 21 I purchased a year ago. These pants can be worn in multiple different ways, and last week I choose to pair them with a grey top and my platform Doc’s. 


#2: Dress Up Leggings 



Most days I wish to throw on a pair of leggings instead of jeans. I am not fond of wearing sweatshirts and t shirts to class everyday so I find ways to dress my leggings up. I find my platform Doc’s give any outfit an edge, and therefore I often pair leggings with them! 


#3 Leather on Leather 



Every couple years I buy a new faux leather jacket, and much like my Doc’s, it has become a staple piece in my wardrobe. I find leather jackets are stylish, warm, and look great paired with black leather Doc’s.


#4: Mom Jeans are Cool Jeans 


Mom Jeans have been a popular trend for a couple years now and I have taken part in this trend. I own five pairs of mom jeans and find them to be comfortable and easily used in crafting cute outfits. In the image about I am wearing my cherry red “Arcadia” Doc’s, which have the unique effect of turning redder with every scuff and crease they obtain over time. I always pair my Mom Jeans with a pair of docs, and usually a crop top and sweater, during the fall season.


Doc Martens are the perfect “go-to” shoe as they can be worn in so many different ways, and come in so many different styles. I hope after reading this article, you see why every wardrobe needs a pair of these versatile, stylish, durable boots! I recommend checking out Doc Martens Instagram page to find the perfect pair of Doc’s for you! 


Sarita is a senior at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, PA. She is studying English with a concentration in creative writing, and is pursuing a minor in writing, rhetoric, and technical communication.
School of Media Arts and Design student with a concentration in Interactive Design. Campus Correspondent for the JMU chapter of Her Campus, Campus Coordinator for Rent the Runway on Campus, and Social Media Marketing Intern for Auntie Anne's.