Disney Princesses as the People You Meet During Your Freshman Year


She’s that girl who is already a double major, has a list of potential internships, has a part-time job and spends most of her time studying or working. She has a plan for her future and won’t let anyone or anything stop her from achieving it.



She’s the girl who is finally out of her parent’s house and is loving every second of it (arguably a little too much). She eats all the foods her parents didn’t allow, goes to all the parties possible, watches all the R-rated movies on Netflix and is having the time of her life. You’re happy for her, but also slightly worried she might get herself in trouble.


Snow White

She’s the girl in your 8 AM who always looks like she’s been dressed by little woodland creatures and always gets eight hours of sleep. She’s sweet, works hard and seems perfect (though you know that’s not possible because no one is perfect), but she’s seriously testing your theory.



She’s the quiet girl in your English class who you often see at the library, but she’s never there doing work; she’s there reading. One day you ask her what she’s reading and what class it’s for, but she says it’s for fun. You can’t even remember the last time you read for fun, and she seems to do it all the time. Of course, that would help explain the A in your English class…



She’s the girl down the hall who has dedicated herself to living the “true” college experience, but the only problem is she isn’t exactly a broke college student. Her family’s rich and you can’t help but roll your eyes every time she mentions being a “broke college student.” Still, she’s sweet and up for an adventure, so you let it slide. The fact that she likes to pay for food also helps.