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Off the Chain: Chain Earrings

So maybe you just got your second hole pierced, and now your ear is freshly healed and ready to go! Or maybe you’re just not into that whole piercing-a-second-time thing but still like the look? Well the perfect summer trend turned fall is here: Chain earrings!
There has been an influx of super cute earrings that connect from your lower lobe to your upper ear and the styles range from the elegant…
Rhinestone Floral Drop Earring w/ Earcuff at Forever 21
…to the playful…
Rabbit Rhinestone Chain Earring at Forever 21
Cuff Chain Earrings – Pirate Earrings Ear Cuff Dangle Gold Chain Earcuff on Etsy
…to the downright fantastical.
Sexy Silver Monster Ear Cuff with Chains and Connected Stud Earring  on Etsy
If you’re thinking, “I love this look! I’m going to go buy two for both of my ears at the same time!”… please don’t. These earrings are made to be ear candy for only one of your lovely lady lobes for a more asymmetrical style. If your other ear is feeling bare, maybe try a more decorative stud. But hey, who am I to stop you from wearing them the way you want! 


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