Call your Hairdresser and Tell her to get her Impulse-Cut Scissors Ready!

The best time of year to make that big haircut you’ve been Pinterest-ing about for months is undoubtedly right before summer. No one wants to be dealing with long, heavy hair sticking to our sweat and weighing us down - we need some light, airy locks to keep us fresh! Here’s some celebrity inspiration for your new ‘do:

  1. Adelaide Kane

One of my personal faves, there are few who rock this cut and make it look as cool as she does (but we still try our best).


2. Nina Dobrev

I can’t think of a single hairstyle that WOULDN’T look amazing on her, but this is definitely her best look - sophisticated and flirty!

3. Margot Robbie

Again, someone who would look good wearing a paper bag over their head, but still shows the power of a good lob (long bob).

4. Arden Cho

I have….literally never seen anything cuter.


5. Lucy Hale


A very large part of me wants to call her the Queen of the Lob (which sounds stupid so I won’t, but you get what I mean). She was one of the first celebs that I saw get this cut and she has been rocking it ever since.


6. Khloe Kardashian



This one’s an older pic because these days she’s got those boujee extensions in 24/7, but this is definitely one that I would show to my hairdresser for reference.


7. Alexandra Shipp


Ugh, curly lil bobs are my WEAKNESS she rocks the hell out of this look.


8. Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

If Zoella did it, you KNOW it’s a hip idea. Might buy a pair of those glasses after my haircut… And maybe one of those jackets…


There you have it - eight amazing reasons to go out and chop all your hair off right now! (Just please don’t blame me when you go through the regret phase, trust me, it will pass.)