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Binge Worthy Netflix Shows to Watch Over Spring Break

If you’re like me, you don’t have any extravagant Spring Break plans. You’ll most likely be sitting at home scrolling through Instagram, watching your friends having fun in Mexico, California, etc. wishing you were there. One solution universal solution to this problem is Netflix. The Netflix shows listed below will help you get through your week back home and help you escape the reality of a boring Spring Break.

The first Netflix show on this list is A Typical. This is a show that gives you a look into how a person on the autism spectrum thinks. It’s funny and heartwarming all at the same time. All the storylines in this series really pull you in, making you want to keep watching till the end.


The next show that’s perfect for binge-watching is One Day at a Time. This is a feel-good show about a Cuban family living in America. There’s comedy and heartfelt moments, leaving you laughing and crying all in the same scene. You get a look into a different type of family dynamic that’ll warm your heart.


Switching gears from the feel-good type of shows, if you’re into shows that make you think about how power technology can be in our society, Black Mirror is the show for you. Each season only has a hand full of episodes, making it perfect for binge watching. Normally I’m not the type to gravitate towards this kind of show but even I can’t help but be pulled in by it.


The final show on my list is a newer one. With only one season out so far, this is a breeze to get through. The Umbrella Academy is a show that captivates you from the first episode. With the allure of powers and a mystery, this show will maintain your attention from start to finish.




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