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Halloween is long-lived by young children and college students, the only difference is we can’t trick or treat.

Costume contest

One of the most known and loved Halloween party game is the famous costume contest. This is a game that includes everyone because the only rule is to wear a costume. The best part about costume contest is that not only can you have a number one winner, you can the contest into categories too! To add to the fun, the contest can have a scariest costume and you can vote on which one is truly the most Halloween, or the funniest costume and you can decide which costume makes you laugh the most. For the duos and trios of the world whose costumes wouldn’t make sense without each other, you can have a best couples costume or best group costume also. There are a number of different categories you can have to add into the fun!

Bobbing for apples

This was always my favorite game to play at Halloween parties when I was younger because of how messy and fun it is. Bobbing for apples can always be turned into a contest too which will add more fun and get people into the game. Now having tons of college students stick their face in the same water bucket all night isn’t very safe so instead try to scoop the apples out. You can use chopsticks or smaller spoons to get them out and put food dye in the water to make it dark and harder to see. This new version of bobbing for apples and is still just as fun, maybe more.

halloween man hunt

A man hunt is always a fun game to play but what better way to make it more lively and on your toes than to play it on Halloween. There will actually be monsters chasing you this time! The two things that separates man hunt from hide and seek is the darkness and how many people seek. All players should have a flashlight to be able to see for themselves but be careful because the seekers could catch you that way. In man hunt, there is a group of people that seek and even smaller group of people that hide, this way if your last person hiding your adrenaline pumping. Another good thing to do, especially because it is dark, is to set a perimeter so no one can get lost or stray too far. This game brings the fear factor back into Halloween party games and is always a fun way to include all people.

Horror movie trivia

This game is better for smaller Halloween parties just because it’s hard to organize a lot of people and hear over the chatter. However horror movie trivia will still bring on the fun. Just like for the costume contest, you can add different categories to make it more fun! This game will fill a lot of time and it’s a very physically relaxing game, it can get intense if you’re competitive.

eyeball pong

This game is probably the most liked among college students because it combines Halloween with a college favorite game, CUP PONG! Eyeball pong is simple, it is regular cup pong but color the ping pong balls to look like eyeballs. You don’t have to just draw eyeballs either. If you want to make the game more interesting turn the ping pong balls into different spooky characters and make different rules for each character, like: mummy ball gets two cups gone, etc. This is an easy and super fun way to make the games college students already love into a fun Halloween themed game.

I am a freshman Media Arts and Design major at James Madison University. I love the outdoors, cartoons, and art! I also love to create things on the computer. I helped write and design my high school's yearbook all four years and had a senior position!
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