The Best and Worst Things About Working at Starbucks

For two years now I have worked at my college campuses Starbucks, and I’ve learned a lot. There have been loads of positive things but many negatives as well. If you ever want to work at Starbucks, definitely read this before you think about applying!


  1. You get to drink A LOT of coffee.

    Not only do you get to drink lots and lots of drinks during your shift, but you also get to take one home. If you didn’t have a caffeine addiction before working there, you will after.

  2. Most shifts will be stressful and busy

    When it comes to working in a fast-paced service industry, anything can be stressful. When waves of college kids just get out of class and all come storming in to get a drink, it can go from okay to bad really quick. Although, if the location is fully staffed and prepped, it can be a breeze. You just have to take it one thing at a time and it’s not so bad.

  3. You get to take home a lot of free pastries

    If you are a closer, oh boy will you have a lot to take home with you. It definitely depends on the location, but if a pastry is going bad that night, it's either you or the trash that gets it. You’ll probably be sick of croissants and cheese danishes at that point, but you’ll soon be one of the greatest friends to everyone you give free pastries to.

  4. People can be rude

    Working in a customer service job it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter some mean ones. Don’t be discouraged if a customer is mean to you though because most of them are going through their own problems and don’t even realize they’re being mean. Although, some customers are just rude in general. I always say just keep smiling and move along, because you’ll be so used to rude customers by the end of the day, one won’t matter.

  5. The coworkers are amazing

    Most of the people I work with are some of the coolest and nicest people I’ve ever met. I’ve met some of my best friends while working, and you will always have something to talk about when you’re bored working. Either it’s about a certain recipe or something silly a worker has said, Starbucks is always a fun environment. Although, not all coworkers are as nice, but those ones will normally be in the minority of the majority of really cool people that work there.

  6. You can have a really cool party trick of reciting drink recipes

    One thing that never ends is blowing people’s minds on how their favorite drink is made. Once you learn all the recipes at work, you can just casually pull out how a caramel frappuccino is made and make somebody's day.