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Being a Senior at an Apartment Party

It’s been an interesting three weeks since the start of the semester, with that being said, I have an issue.  I have tried on multiple occasions (2) to go to apartment parties to see old friends this semester and it was BAD.  I don’t know what it is, maybe I’m not seeing things through rose-freshman colored lenses anymore- or maybe I’m just washed up.  Whichever the reason is, the apartment party scene must STOP!

This is an overview of how both nights have gone:

Pulls up to party, sees kids puking in the streets.


Walks in, sees a couple old friends and a couple hundred new ones that are all approximately 12 years old. 


Finds a place of refuge and decides to man up and stick around, you already made it this far.


Find a friend to support you during this tough time, and go grab a drink.


Oh no! There’s no beer (water) left.  


Throw in watching some creepy dance floor makeout’s and I think you get the idea.


Moral of the story, stay away- or atleast make sure you have a backup plan.

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