The Bachelor: An Expert's Predictions

Okay ladies, put away your Econ notebook and leave your Calculus homework for tomorrow morning, because the most important part of Winter is coming up, the season finale of The Bachelor. We’ve waited long and patiently for this one night filled with drama and suspense. Maybe you're into the suspense, or maybe you're like me and feel the need to fill out prediction brackets every season. Now this season of The Bachelor isn't my first rodeo, in fact I’d say I'm more of an enthusiast, so allow me to enlighten you with my predictions for the dramatic end of Arie’s season.


    For the rookies, The Bachelor is a show in which 30 women compete for the love of one guy. In this case, 36 year old race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. He was a fan favorite who ended up getting his heart broken on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette. Five years later, he's back for love. Let's break it down:


    He’s given a variety of ladies and a few months to find the love of his life, we can only imagine how that works out. Anyway, the ladies are full of love, energy, themselves, drama, and so much more. I won't bore you with all 30 of the ladies, but here are my top four picks:


    4. Tia


    Ah, the beloved Tia. Raven’s sweetheart friend from Arkansas. She took Arie racing and they had the standard “sit in back of a pick up truck and discuss family and make out” end of the date. She unfortunately was sent home but I'm pretty confident we’ll be seeing her on Paradise this Summer.


    3. Kendall


    That’s right, taxidermy girl. We got to see her and all her glory in Los Angeles, California for her hometown date. Her parents had a concern that Kendall and Arie may not be right for each other (what else can you expect going on a reality television show). At the end of the fairly weird and awkward date, Arie left surprisingly confident in his relationship with Kendall, enough to make me think she’ll make it to the fantasy suites, but then get cut. Sorry Kendall, you can still sell your Fit Tea and Sugar Hair Pills.


    2. Becca


Next we have Becca, the millionth Becca in The Bachelor franchise. What’s different about this one? Not much except for the fact that she from Minnesota, haven't seen a hometown date there before. They enjoyed the day at an Apple Orchard, then Arie bravely faced her family. It didn't go horribly, but could've gone better, I’ll bet my money that she's runner up this season.


    1. Lauren B.


    Not to be dramatic, but Lauren B. Is from Virginia Beach, and so am I so I guess we're like best friends now. On the real though, how can Arie be so in love with this girl when she’s basically only told him that her favorite color is blue. They spent the day at the beach, then proceeded to the awkward family dinner which ended with Lauren confident in herself and the relationship. Nevertheless, this girl is instantly my top prediction because I have faith in my fellow Virginia Beach native.


    I have to warn you, I predict the season winners every year for this show and I’m right more often than not, maybe it's cause I'm obsessed, maybe it's a gift - I guess we’ll never know. The season finale of The Bachelor airs March 12th, so mark your calendars ladies, lets see how this all really plays out.