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As the spring season barrels in at full force, there’s only one thing stronger than spring fever… baby fever! Luckily, I just threw a baby shower for my sister that was straight out of Pinterest, and I want to share all the most unparalleled details with you!The shower was held at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland. The club possesses both a rich history and an extensive list of impressive figures who’ve paid visits there. Since my sister is waiting until the birth of her child to find out the gender, we opted for a gender neutral color palette of grays, whites, and greenery accents. In addition, we went with an adorable and classic lamb theme. My favorite part of baby shower planning was the intricacy, from finding the perfect color balloons to scoring the perfect lamb figurines to dress the tables.

The best baby showers begin at the bar! The bar menu included delicious bloody marys and mimosas, just to highlight a couple. And what cocktail stirrer could be complete without “Baby Miller” engraved and olives as the finishing touch? I’ve got the answer, none!

A successful baby shower is nothing without a couple games to get the crowd excited and competitive,am I right ladies? The games and activities included What’s in the diaper bag?, Baby ABC’s, writing advice for the mother-to-be, and a fingerprint guestbook on a lamb painting.


  • The fingerprint guestbook (pictured below) was purchased from the shop, “LITTLELEOSARK” on Etsy for just $22! It’s the perfect way to involve your guests in a creative memento from the shower that the parents-to-be will cherish for many years after.

  • For the parental advice activity, all you need is a sign, some strips of paper, and a cute bucket for guests to place their papers in. Then it’s smooth sailing from there!


  • Baby ABC’s is simple and free, as long as you have computer paper and ink in your printer. The object is to write down as many baby items as you can that start with the letters of the alphabet, before the timer runs out. The person with the most items wins!

  • What’s in the diaper bag? requires a diaper bag, obviously, and a variety of baby-related items to stuff it with! The guest who conjures up the most correct items on their list wins!

The party favors included two macarons, one gray and one white. We placed personalized “Thank you for showering Baby Miller” stickers on each one. The macarons were made possible by Sweet Hearts Pattisserie in Annapolis, MD. The stickers on the outside were created by Aceti Design Co.

On the dessert table, there were personalized cookies, muffins, donut holes, and macarons. The various cookie shapes offered included a rattle, onesie, lamb, and baby carriage. The onesie cookies were personalized with “Baby Miller” written on them.

Each chair was adorned with a cotton and greenery garland. These beautiful arrangements were a product of my sister’s crafty genius. Both the greenery and cotton can be found in most craft stores, such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Finally, for my favorite part of the whole shower… the cake! It was a simply elegant gray and white design, topped with a vintage porcelain lamb. It tasted absolutely exquisite as well!


I hope you enjoyed a peek into one of the most beautiful and rewarding life events I’ve experienced to date. It wouldn’t have been possible without my sister Lindsay’s exceptional taste and the tireless efforts of our entire family. Cheers to Baby Miller!

(Photo Credits: Kita Michelle Photography)

Carley Prendergast was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is currently pursuing a B.A. in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication at James Madison University. She is passionate about all things fashion and media and would love to incorporate that into a journalistic profession in the future.
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