Are AirPods Worth the Hype?

Listen, we all get it, if you don’t have AirPods then you’re basically broke. But let’s be real here and get an unbiased review.

I’ve had AirPods for four days now, and I have some thoughts...

1. They are not very comfortable

AirPods feel exactly like the headphones that Apple gives out for free with each iPhone, so the comfort of the AirPods isn’t anything new and revolutionary. Also, when laying down and wearing them, the ear you're laying on feels AWFUL. On a scale of comfort, they get a 4/10.


2. They don’t fall out as easily as you think

Contrary to popular belief, they don’t fall out as often as their corded counterparts. Although, sometimes they do feel loose in your ear, which can be annoying readjusting them a lot. But I can confirm, they don’t fall out easily. They even stayed in through the whole workout test.


3. They look very ugly when wearing them

Let’s all be honest to ourselves here, AIRPODS AREN’T CUTE! It looks like a little piece of white plastic just dangling out of your ears. But whatever is FASHION.


4. The quick Bluetooth connection is fantastic

As soon as you pull the AirPod out of the charging case, it automatically connects to your device. It’s very nice and quick, especially when you’re on the go. Not to mention, the AirPod knows when it’s not in your ear, and will pause the music. Which is a big plus!


5. Sound quality is meh

The sound quality is nice when you're alone in your room. Although, when you’re in a loud public place, it’s hard to hear your music unless it's on full volume.


Overall Rating: 5/10


Would I recommend purchasing? Probably not. I mean for a Bluetooth headphone, the price of $159 is kinda high. They are very convenient and popular, but I don’t think they are worth the hype.