8 Times to NOT be Looking at Your Phone

You’ve heard it on the news, in countless articles and from all your well-meaning elderly relatives. In a world of countless apps and social media sites, it may be best to peel your phone out of your hands and look up every once in awhile.

  1. In class (well okay, let’s say in all or in your most important classes) - It starts as checking the time, then your texts, then the professor is dismissing you for the day and you have two bullet points in your notebook. Research shows a negative correlation between time spent on a phone during class and the grade for that class.

  2. When you’re getting dinner with your friends - Nothing can beat face-to-face convos.

  3. When your parents or other family members come to visit - You don’t get to see them on a daily basis anymore and the best quality time happens when you put your phone in your purse. If they made the road trip to visit you, you can give them a couple hours without your nose being glued to your phone.

  4. Driving - Have the person in the shotgun seat type out the text or just wait until you get to your destination. It only takes one time to realize why you shouldn’t be texting, changing music or  mapping out your route while driving.

  5. Hiking/going on a walk outside - We are #blessed to be living in a town with such beautiful forestry/hiking trails. Take a couple of pics for your memory or potential phone wallpaper, but remember to look up. Your Snapchat friends don’t need to see 70 seconds of trees on your story.

  6. When watching the show or movie you’ve been super excited for - Have you ever sat down to watch an hour show and then when it’s over realize you missed all the big moments because you were on twitter? That’s what commercial breaks are for.

  7. When playing with kids - Eight year-olds these days play with iPads, Wiis and laptops. The next time you’re with a younger family member or babysitting, try actually playing with the kids or even take them to the park-you BOTH could use the break.

  8. At a concert - Taking a video or a few pictures is awesome so you have something to look back at. Being that girl so focused on her iPhone screen that she isn’t dancing and screaming her head off? Not cool.

The pictures of the fireworks, the beach or your meal do not have to go up the second you take it; that’s what #latergram is for.