8 Things All JMU Girls Should Have in Their Backpacks

Your backpack is like your best friend, and although you always carry the necessities: ID, keys, and phone, there are a few other things we recommend all JMaddy girls have on hand. These 8 backpack essentials are a definite must for making the summer-to-school transition easier.

TREsemmé’s Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray & Wave Creation Sea Foam

Whether you’re going to lecture or catching up with your girls for lunch, share your effortless, beachy waves with all of campus with TRESemmé’s Perfectly (un)Done collection. As the #1 styling brand in the U.S., they believe everyone should have access to salon innovations and the latest runway hair trends. We couldn’t agree more!

The Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray has a lightweight formula to give hair a tousled texture for coveted beachy waves. The Wave Creation Sea Foam is infused with Sea Kelp Extract and will create soft, natural movement for effortless, bouncy waves that are full of body and never stiff or sticky. Finally!

Keep these two handy for in-between class touchups. Everyone will be dying to know how you did your hair! But will you share the secret?

New York Color’s 24HR Waterproof Eyeshadow & Primer

‘Tis the season for bold eye color so step outside your comfort zone and experiment with one of the New York Color’s City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eyeshadow & Eye Primer!

New York Color embodies the spontaneous and unexpected energy of New York with a mission to build a leading lifestyle brand that excites, engages, and inspires women with prestige quality cosmetics at a value price. (Thank You!)

The City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eyeshadow delivers vibrant color for up to 24HR wear in eleven on-trend shades that are perfect for any fall look! For all day or all night wear, lock in your color with the 24HR Eye Primer! Apply this jumbo, soft pencil to prime your lids before the eyeshadow to enhance the longevity and color.

Getting ready for class just got a whole lot easier! Just twist, slide, and go!

Cold-EEZE QuickMelts

As the cooler weather draws in, say ‘no’ to coughs, chest congestions, and sore throats! Collegiettes everywhere should keep these Cold-EEZE QuickMelts at their finger tips because cold and flu season is every season in college.

Cold-EEZE is the #1 pharmacist recommended zinc cold remedy made with a unique zinc gluconate formula. This over-the-counter remedy melts in your mouth without water, releasing zinc ions that inhibit the cold virus’ ability to replicate, which shortens the duration of the cold. Snaps to that!

5-hour Energy

Even though we’ve only been in school for six (long) weeks, it seems as though we should already be getting ready for winter break.

Get an extra bolt of energy and stay alert with a 5-Hour Energy Shot. It contains no sugar, four calories, and as much caffeine as a cup of leading premium coffee. It’s quick, simple and effective!

Chipotle's BOGO Card

Take a study break and treat yo’self (and your BFF) with the non-GMO goodness of Chipotle with a BOGO card! As in, buy-one-get-one FREE!

Chipotle prepares their mouth-watering deliciousness with simple and classic cooking techniques. No added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors are added to any of their ingredients. This includes meats raised without antibiotics or added hormones, pasture-raised dairy, local produce when seasonably available and only non-GMO ingredients. So if you come to think of it, Chipotle is healthy for you… ok, kind of, but we’re not complaining!

Diva Cup

The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits low in the vaginal canal, collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow. 

This healthy, reusable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products is perfect for all activities with 12-hour leak protection. Now you won’t have to worry about asking the random girl in the bathroom for an extra tampon, heck, you won’t even have think about carrying them around.

The cup is free of colors and dyes and does not contain latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer, or polyethylene.

Zing Zero Calorie Sweetener

Wish for perfectly sweet products made real ingredients? Your prayers have been answered! Zing is a sugar substitute with no artificial ingredients and zero calories! Make the smart choice and have your healthiest semester yet by adding Zing Zero Calorie Sweetener to your usual morning cup of coffee or tea, sprinkling it over fruit or adding it to your favorite homemade smoothie!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick

Treat rough, dry skin with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick. The small, lightweight design of the swivel stick is perfect for on-the-go moisturizing. It’s ideal for the face, body and may be used to moisturize and soothe dry, cracked, chapped lips. The perfect cocoa butter and Vitamin E formula for this fall season!