8 Mindless Activities for a Happy Distraction

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. With every TV station we turn on or social media platform we scroll through, it’s difficult to escape. Sometimes, that’s exactly what you need though –– an escape.

If that’s you right now, let me start off by saying that you’re not alone. Let me also assure you that it’s okay to not know what the hell is going on right now, and that it’s okay to not become the next Elon Musk during these next couple months.

Being productive and taking this time to get ahead is great, if you feel right for it. The reality, however, is that you might not be feeling up to taking on the world right now & that’s completely valid. I’m here to provide a compilation of some mindless tasks that will quite literally allow you to tune out the world, and focus on something totally mindless for a few hours. As I’ve done a majority of these activities already, I can assure that you’ll come out in a much better mood –– one that’s relaxed and refreshed. 

  1. 1. Make a vision board

    Vision board

    This was the first activity I did that I realized I was completely focused on and hadn’t thought about anything else while doing. I was inspired by my best friend to get crafty. I rounded up a stack of old magazines from around the house that were just begging to be put to use. We sat on FaceTime cutting and gluing, and it could not have been more therapeutic. I 100% recommend trying this out –– whether you FaceTime a friend or blast some music –– you’ll escape creatively for a few hours and end up with a piece of art decor –– a creation that is yours. 

  2. 2. Clean/reorganize your room

    Yasmine Boheas

    A clean space = a happy mind. And what better time to finally go through those piles, organize that drunk drawer and do some rearranging than when you’re stuck inside? Your room is your sanctuary, and if you're back at your childhood home with the fam, it’s likely to be your only alone time space right now.

    Since many of us are inevitably spending ample time in our rooms, you know those drawers are just begging to be organized. I’ve also found it to be very relaxing to rearrange/redecorate the vibe of my room, finally put away those Christmas decorations ––  Just me? Okay. –– and bring out the spring candles. It’ll be refreshing, take your mind off things and it’s productive (a plus, but not a necessity during this time). 

  3. 3. Practice your passion


    It’s also nice to take this time to simply do the things you love –– perfect a skill or improve on a passion. For me, that’s photography, photo/video editing, writing and painting. How can you practice those while stuck at home? Go around your backyard and photograph nature, have a photoshoot and recruit your mom as your photographer, create collages/edits with photos from your camera roll, shoot content around the house, write about what you’re feeling, etc.

    For you, these passions might be playing an instrument, singing or getting ahead on a business plan. It can be anything –– as long as it makes you happy, doesn’t feel like work and allows you to lose yourself in it for a while. 

  4. 4. Paint

    Brush Painting Color Paint

    As I mentioned before, I love to paint. It’s become one of my favorite pastimes and is something I find extremely therapeutic. Whether it’s following along a video, a photo on pinterest or taking inspiration from what’s around you, I highly recommend it. By the end, you just might have an entire quarantine art gallery to commemorate/document this time. 

  5. 5. Follow a recipe


    I think just about everyone and their mothers are baking banana bread right now –– as seen on social media platforms everywhere. It’s become a trend, one I think is perfect for this time. Baking is a great mindless, fun activity to do while at home, and following a recipe also gives a sense of control –– something I think we’re all lacking at the moment. 

  6. 6. Repurpose your clothing

    Another trend going around right now is tie dye. It’s the DIY that’s taken over Instagram, TikTok and even YouTube. You can create your own matching loungewear sets at a major discount and give yourself a fun new fit for when you want to change out of your pajamas –– but still be comfy.

    Another DIY activity is to crop shirts, paint those old jeans or bleach dye some sweat sets. It’ll add to your quarantine wardrobe, and if you’re like me and left the majority of clothing back at school, then you’ll definitely need it. 

  7. 7. FaceTime friends for movie night

    A fuzzy screen in the back ground might say "netflix" but the image's selective focus is on a mug of some sort.

    Maintaining a virtual connection with friends is so important right now, especially given our current isolating circumstances. Every time I’ve left a FaceTime conversation with friends, I’ve come out in a significantly better mood.

    Thanks to the new Netflix Party extension, you can now have movie nights with friends from the comfort of your home. Start a new show together. Make each other laugh. My friends and I FaceTimed while simultaneously watching a show, and were able to talk throughout it. It’s like our roommate family nights were back again.

    I promise you will leave a conversation with a friend in a much better headspace. Simply seeing a familiar face will make things feel normal. 

  8. 8. Family game night

    Gathering the fam for a game night and some laughs is the perfect mindless activity that doesn’t involve the nightly news. It’s a great opportunity to spend quality time with the ones you’re lucky enough to be safe inside with and –– if you’re anything like my family –– there will be many dirty jokes told and many laughs to be had, which is so incredibly refreshing.

Normalcy and relaxation is hard to come by right now. Emotions and worries may be running high, but it’s important to take care of yourself and your mental state. Being informed is important but so is staying sane. I hope all, or some, of these activities can bring you a sense of calm and provide a happy distraction.

Stay safe, healthy and inside!