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7 Reasons Winter Isn’t So Bad After All

As we all know, we are beginning to hit the coldest months of the year. Unfortunately, this is not at all exciting–unless you’re one of those people most of us just cannot understand. But if that’s the case, then good for you! While winter is associated with middle-of-the-year lack of motivation, cold and gloomy weather, and the constant “blue” feeling, we don’t have to think of it this way. Surprisingly, there are some happy elements of the season, and it may be helpful for us cold weather haters to keep them in mind.

1. During the winter, it isn’t difficult for us to “dress to impress.” You can never go wrong with a tasteful sweater, a warm scarf, boots, and a pair of leggings. This makes the outfit not only cute, but also cozy.

2. Who doesn’t appreciate the unexplainably amazing feeling of warmth the second you set foot in your house after a cold day on campus?! There is seriously nothing else like it.

3. SNOW DAYS. And more snow days. Which means more time for relaxation, time to catch up on the homework you’ve been putting off, and of course, time to go outside and [attempt to] appreciate the fact that it is 100% acceptable to act like a child and play in the snow.

4. If you’re not the type of person who enjoys playing in the snow, at least it’s pretty to look at, right?? Get your cameras out and take some typical snow-covered campus photos—no shame.

5. You may be losing motivation for anything school-related, but summer is getting closer every single day. Personally, the thought of this gives me incentive to push even harder and finish the year off strong.

6.Hot chocolate…or hot Starbucks winter specials.

7. Last but absolutely not least, getting in bed at night feels better than ever.

Instead of dreading the winter season and allowing it to keep you from joyfully living, just make the most of it instead. I mean, come on. It really isn’t THAT bad if you think about it. Go out there in your favorite (comfortable) clothing items and show that snow cloud who is boss.

Kanchan is a junior at James Madison University. She is in JMU's School of Media Arts and Design with a concentration in journalism and minors in both creative writing and Spanish. Her passions include writing, photography, music, and traveling. 
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