5 TV Relationships We Idolize but are Problematic

We all know that relationships on TV are pretty much unrealistic goals to aspire to for real healthy relationships. Yet, all around social media, you see these relationships romanticized as #relationshipgoals or other various things along those lines. As much as I love “shipping” my fave couple as the next person I will admit some of the most iconic relationships we idolize aren’t really the best or healthiest relationships to look up too. Now I’m no relationship expert (ya girl is single as a Pringle) but I know a thing or two about communication, people, and fostering healthy relationships. So here are 5 TV couples that we love but are too problematic to be an actual healthy couple.   


1. Ross & Rachel

First on my list is the infamous couple of Ross & Rachel. I love Friends and it’s a wonderful show but my biggest issue with the show was Ross and Rachel’s relationship. Before I started the show I’ve always heard about Ross & Rachel’s relationship (queue Ross’s “We were on a break gif”). Whichever side you're on for that argument we need to admit that Rachel and Ross were terrible for each other. Ross had this strong infatuation with Rachel and was very possessive over her even though he had no real right to be. His lack of trust in her was really unnerving to me.  He never really took Rachel’s career seriously and that kind of negativity doesn’t belong in a healthy relationship. I could go on about how this is not the best relationship on the show to #relationshipgoals but we have some more couples to get through.

2. Anything from the Bachelor

Okay, I have my many qualms with this show. Like a lot. There are just so many things are just wrong with this show but that’s a whole other can of worms so I’ll stick to the relationships overall. First of all, I don’t think being on a reality dating-game show is the best way to start a relationship at all let alone one that ends in engagement. Second, there are way too many opportunities where jealousy can fester. Like who the eff likes group dates???. Third, who can even fall in love under these circumstances? Like the time on the show is NOT a sufficient amount of time to get to know a person to genuinely fall in love with them and foster a relationship of trust. Especially if it’s part competition. I get why people have their faves to win on the show but honestly, I think almost every person that I like on the show, at least on the Bachelor, deserve better than the person they are competing for. 

3. Blair & Chuck

I know many of our hearts swooned over the fact of Chuck & Blair’s fastly put together a whirlwind of a wedding. Although even the glamorous life of the Upper East can’t fully mask the toxic relationships that came from the series. Chuck and Blair had their redeeming qualities on their own measures but together they were toxic. They were manipulative, emotionally abusive, and vindictive. It’s never okay to treat people like property *cough* *cough* Chuck. Their lives may be glamorous but I think I’d settle for a healthy stable relationship over whatever their mess was.

4. Serena & Dan

Speaking of toxic relationships of the Upper East Side. Serena & Dan get no mercy from me either. They started off harmless and adorable but over the series, their relationship began to toxify. They're on and off relationship was endearing at first but if you know how the series goes it’s a no for me. Why put yourself through that?  Why keep toxic people in your life.

5. Pam & Jim

Okay, these two BARELY made this list but I had to put them on here. I get that they are one of the staple couples that many say are #relationshipgoals. Trust me, I was one of those people when I first watched the series but after seeing it again the relationship was not all that great. It was kind of well, bare minimum. I love the small fun things that Jim did to get things going with Pam but as the series continued on these small fun things just didn’t cut it for me.  The pranks are all kicks and giggles but Jim does the bare minimum for him and Pam’s relationship. Let’s be real he never really consulted her about big decisions and that just not something that should be romanticized even if Pam did seem “happy” at the end. Communication is really everything in any relationship. Jim also never fully supported Pam and her dreams but took on opportunities without again consulting Pam and expected her to just go with it. When it came to parenting Pam really did a lot of the work and Jim STILL gets best dad Dundie. We should probably stop romanticizing their relationship because in the end, everyone deserves more than a Jim & Pam relationship.


There are more TV couples that could be on the list but these are just a few. If you have a tv couple or movie couple that you love but are #problematic comment below or send us a message!