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5 Reasons You Need to Try J-Petal

1. It’s ridiculously good.


I was not prepared for my J-Petal experience mainly because trying new things has a tendency to scare me, but I have nothing but good things to say about it. Were Dippin’ Dots imperative to your childhood? Do you love ice cream? If the answer was yes to both of those questions, you’ve hit the jackpot. I’m no food critic, but the best way I can describe their Thai ice cream is that it is chilling, light, and melts in your mouth, reminding me of Dippin’ Dots and normal ice cream combined.


I haven’t tried their crepes yet, (mainly because I’m having a hard time getting anything but the ice cream), but if they taste anything like they look, they are golden. They have savory and sweet options, ensuring that everyone will find something on the menu that they’ll like.


Aside from food, they have lots of options for drinks. They have five milkshake options, which honestly all look amazing, and they have the “light bulb drink.” These drinks are legitimately served in light bulbs! There are six flavor options for the light bulb drink and all look super refreshing.


Probably the coolest thing about J-Petal is that they really have something for everyone. If you’re a chocolate lover, they’ve got you covered. If you’re a fruit-flavored lover, they definitely have you covered. If you’re health conscious, they even have healthy options. I was worried that I wouldn’t find an option for me because the menu can be intimidating, but I guarantee there is something you’ll love.


2. They are 100% Gluten Free- Made with Rice Flour.


Have a Gluten allergy? No problem. All of their products are 100% Gluten free with the use of rice flour.


Living Gluten free either by choice or necessity can be a daunting task; to find a place that is gluten free and as delicious as J-Petal is a godsend.


3. You get to choose 3 additional toppings. (Which could be the hardest decision you’ve made all year).


With each purchase of Thai ice cream, you get to add to your creation three additional toppings. They have all kinds of fruit, oreos, candy, whipped cream, tons of chocolate and caramel sauces, and many more, making the decision anything but easy (but still fool proof because whichever decision you make will be delicious).


Another thing to add, the workers have mastered presentation. On top of the perfectly rolled Thai ice cream, they make sure each topping is placed flawlessly. The food is not only amazing to eat but it’s perfect for making your friends jealous in pictures.


4. There’s a reward card.


What do college kids love more than anything else? Free stuff.


After 9 purchases from any selection of the menu, they give you one free product of your choosing! When I first received my reward card I felt like I was being challenged and I am so up for the challenge.


5. For the cultural experience!!


One of the best parts about this place is watching your ice cream being made. If you aren’t familiar with it or seen the viral Facebook videos of it this is going to sound weird, but they pour liquid onto a grill-like surface. The liquid starts to harden and they begin to flatten and spread the newly-formed ice cream material in a very thin layer. They then take a spatula and begin scraping and rolling into 5-6 separate rolls, which fit nicely into your cup.


Other than watching your food being made, it’s much more fun to be eating Thai ice cream than regular, old ice cream. Even if you don’t know the culture behind it, you feel like you’ve tapped into a new culture just by enjoying delicious ice cream.


10/10 would recommend.

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