5 Reasons to Stay Motivated this Semester

To be brutally honest, I began this semester motivated to stay on top of all of my assignments, but to be completely honest I showed up to school exhausted.

I personally had a lot going on this past semester, and even more while we were away on break. Although it wasn’t school related, there was still much going on, between the drama, working and spending time with family, I was sincerely wiped out.

No matter what you’re going through, whether it has to do with your physical health, emotional health or just simply feeling burnt out, here are a couple reasons that you should stay motivated for this new semester:

1. You deserve to do well

I know this seems a bit redundant, but whatever is going on in your life whether you’re having the best or worst time, you deserve to walk away from this semester impressed with yourself!



I know that sleep does not seem like the result of motivation or success, but it is. I know that some people see sleep as a time of not working or an escape from work, but it’s more beneficial to get all your work done because you’ll have a much more peaceful sleep, and be able to accomplish more the next day. Girl, you deserve all the best beauty rest you could ever want.


3. Summer

We all know that right when spring semester finishes, that most of us are going to enjoy a nice long summer vacation. No one wants to think about how poorly they did in the previous year while they’re out enjoying the beach and vacations. Every day think about something you can’t wait to do this summer. Get that assignment done, go to work, and think about that thing while you’re doing it. Know that when you get to summer vacation, that you deserve it.

4. The future

Don’t come for me. I know, way to be basic, we’re in college and I know you’re here because you want the best future. The thing is, is that you got this far. Don’t lose motivation because you’re tired or because of some silly boy or because you’re just over it. You’re not done yet, just remember that. You have a whole life ahead of you honey.


5. Reasons to treat yourself

I know that earlier I mentioned summer, but that’s not even to include long nights or weekends. Start to challenge yourself. Do I deserve to go out tonight? Even better, hey I kicked ass this week and finished everything on time or early, I deserve an amazing dinner tonight. It’s more rewarding when you work for something.

I hope some of this helps someone, and I hope that your spring semester is as amazing as you deserve it to be!