5 Old Disney Channel Movies That We Can Still Relate To On a Personal Level

We’re all 90’s babies here. If you’ve watched Disney Channel lately, you know that it’s NOTHING like it used to be. We can all agree that we’ve learned a lot of life lessons from those ORIGINAL Disney movies over the years, so, in an attempt to get nostalgic, here are 5 Disney Channel movies that we can still relate to on a personal level (and that still make us giddy with excitement when they come on TV). 
1. Halloweentown (1998)
Wasn’t Kimberley sooo cool?? Not only did she make being a witch look super fun (I totally wanted to own a broomstick), but she was also a complete badass and saved her town from those scary bad guys. Plus, she went to high school in the last movie and made us all jealous. 
2. Model Behavior (2000)
This one landed here for obvious reasons: Our homeboy Justin Timberlake plays a leading role. Remember this one? The movie about the model and the normal/nerdy high schooler who switch places and figure out what it’s really like to be in someone else’s shoes? Plus, Alex (the non-model pretending to be one) gets JT in the end, and the two main characters form a life-long friendship despite their obvious differences (or something like that)! What could be better?
3. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999)
This one features a strong female protagonist, 13-year-old angst, Raven Simone, teenage love, and not to mention ~out of this world~ music. Reminisce. 
4. The Color of Friendship (2000)
This one’s a real tearjerker and pretty revolutionary in terms of Disney Channel if you ask me. Basically, Mahree, a rich, privileged, white girl from South Africa, comes to the US as an exchange student. She lives with Piper, an African American and whose father is a huge advocator for the oppressed South African’s living under the apartheid system. The two undergo misconstrued conceptions and conflict with one another but eventually learn from each other’s differences and develop a friendship that overlooks the color of their skin. (Touching, I know.)
5. High School Musical (2006)
Because who doesn’t enjoy watching Zac Efron play an emotionally conflicted undercover singer?