5 Fully Loaded Vending Machines On JMU’s Main Campus

Vending machines are like life’s way of giving you a break. We’ve all been there: sitting in class, trying to pay attention but the only thing on your mind is that $1.25 bag of Jalapeno Cheetos or the $1.50 pack of Grandma’s Cookies. Your stomach grumbles as you think about how they are patiently waiting for you right around the corner.

But now picture this: how disappointing would it be if that snack you’ve been expecting wasn’t there? To your utter disbelief, that perfect refreshment is not anywhere to be found in any of the 8 rows! Absolutely disastrous. This is why I have developed a guide of the five most jam-packed vending machines located on our very own campus. The convenience of the perfect vending machine is not something that should be taken for granted. And before you ask, no… they certainly aren’t all the same.

1. Harrison Hall

Now here is where you have options! With an impressive selection of six vending machines you are bound to find your favorite snack or drink. Gatorade girl? Oh you’re in luck! Don’t have time to grab D-Hall before your next class? Lunchables or a handy Hot Pocket are happily available. The Harrison vending machines are secretly stored away in a room by the main basement doors. If you are on the quad and need an easy pick me up, there you have it!

2. Wilson

The Wilson vending machines are in a very convenient location. If you are on your way between campuses and need a little something special, Wilson is the place for you. This here is where the best coffee vending is located on campus. Don’t have time to make it to Starbucks and your eyelids are as droopy as your cousin’s 15 year-old Basset Hound? You are in luck, the Wilson vending machines have a beautiful arrangement of Starbucks Double-Shot fraps, iced coffee, and White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccinos (fancy!).

3. Dorms

Freshmen, you need to take advantage of those vending machines located in every dorm basement. No, not because the products are any more exceptional, but because of the other supplies you have right at your fingertips! That’s right, use those microwaves to your advantage, people! Get that Danish Bear Claw or the Honey Bun and plop it right in there on a paper towel and bam! You will take your taste buds on a journey. You’re welcome.

4. Carrier

Carrier has one of the most convenient vending machines on campus. If you are running out of supplies and groaning at the thought of trekking back to your dorm or apartment, save your lazy legs an adventure and just head on down to the first floor of Carrier! There you will find an extensive range of products including highlighters, calculators, batteries, index cards and even Vitamin C!

5. SSC

Did you know that there is an exceptional array of vending machines on the fourth floor of the Student Success Center? Luckily, you don’t have to be in Carrier to take advantage of the fabulous vending machines with supplies that I talked about in #4. Not to worry, your snacks and drinks are still located here as well. Also, this may or may not be the only place to get Sour Patch Kids through a vending machine… put that in your back pocket!

There you have it folks. Load up on that dining and flex and before you know it, they’ll be calling you Mr. Swipes!