4 Easy Ways to Network on your College Campus

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number one networking social media out there! Having a LinkedIn account is definitely a necessity when getting your foot wet into the professional world. LinkedIn is super easy to use and a great way to display your resume online for employers to see! 

2. Handshake 

If your school has any type of student networking account where you can friend alumni and fellow students, definitely make an account! It's so easy to start an account and a great way to start networking around campus.

3. Attend Alumni Events

Alumni come to campus all the time! Whether it's for a conference or they're presenting on their company. If the event is offered to students, you should definitely try to attend! Being able to show up to events and meet alumni really sets you apart from someone if you both apply for an internship position. Meeting and getting to say a little bit about yourself at these events are so crucial and so easy to gain valuable networking skills!

4. Go to the Career and Internship Fair

Definitely attend the career and internship fair that your schools puts on every semester! It's a great way to meet employers and possible internship opportunities all while being on campus. These fairs are perfect for getting your name out there in the professional world and allows you to practice talking to employers before actually being in an interview.


Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people! The easiest way of getting a job is having a connection and networking!! Go out there and get that internship or job!