15 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Coming up with a bangin’ Halloween costume is simple until your bank account is screaming zeros. That’s when the DIY, creative costumes come out to play. If you’re in my boat, I welcome you aboard. Please, allow me to take you on a tour of some of the most do-able DIYs.

1. The Vamp

You don’t even need the fangs. Opt for some dark clothing, some red lipstick with a bit of a blood drip and some dark eye makeup, and you’re dead on.

2. The Ghost

Got some white jeans you want to get dirty on Halloweekend? While it’s not the brightest idea, it’s certainly a solid costume. Go white from head to toe, use some baby powder in your hair, some black eyeshadow around your eyes and then dust some more baby powder over the rest of your face.

3. The Scarecrow

Literally all you need is a cute red flannel, a pair of jeans, an eyeliner pencil and some blush to get you ready to hang out. A straw hat would be the finishing piece for this look, but I don’t expect many people to have those just lying around.

4. The Witch

Drape yourself in some long, black layers and grab a black hat. It’s a bit of a modern look – more like the Coven witches of American Horror Story than Wicked Witch of the West – but it slays.

5. The Greek Goddess

Time for the toga party! Grab a white sheet and follow these instructions. Be sure to have some safety pins on hand to make sure it’s going to stay in place. Add some gold jewelry and enjoy being worshipped.

6. The Party Animal

Find an animal print piece of clothing and pair it with some creative make-up to get a super easy party costume.

7. The Hippie

Since boho style is all the rage right now, this may be a breeze to put together. Anything with neutral colors and fringes will do. A flower crown or headband across the forehead is the statement piece for this outfit. Don’t forget to throw those peace signs.

8. The Black Cat

This is a costume that requires a little bit of crafting, unless you already have some cat ears. A simple DIY for the ears requires black felt and a headband. Use eyeliner on your nose and on your cheeks to draw whiskers. Wear all black and you’ll look purr-fect.

9. Regina George

All pink everything! Ideally, dig through your closet for a pink sweater and a skirt to pair with a small purse and heels (or tall boots), because everyday is Wednesday. Bonus points for cutting holes in a white tank top and layering it over a colorful bra.

10. Risky Business

Throw on some shades, some high white socks and an oversized white button-up shirt. Proceed to dance the night away.

11. Rosie the Riveter

Make a feminist statement with this easy costume. Combine a denim or blue button-up shirt rolled past the elbows, jeans, a red bandana and some red lipstick to get the iconic look!

12. Dorothy of Oz

Pair a blue dress with red shoes, add white socks and some pigtails, and you’ve got a costume fit for the yellow brick road.

13. Librarian/Secretary/Reporter

If you have a pencil skirt and a blazer, this is an easy DIY for you—a quick costume for any profession that requires business casual on the daily.

14. Cowgirl

Go for a small town girl look with some jeans, cowboy boots, and a plaid shirt.

15. Wednesday Addams

A black dress with a white collar or a white button up with a black, long-sleeve over top and a skirt is all you need for this one. Black tights are optional. Braid your hair into ponytails and try not to crack a smile the rest of the night!

All in all, there are so many great DIY costume ideas out there. What really matters is that no matter what you wear, you have a safe and fun Halloweekend!