13 Struggles of the JMU Campus

1. Walking down the Village hill is basically praying that the bike whizzing by you (much, much faster than a bike should ever go) doesn’t hit you.

2. Congrats! You swerved right in time to miss the bike rider. You catch your breath and enter the Godwin parking lot only to have two buses coming at you in different directions. Bus drivers have no mercy.

3. Separating the plastic bags at Dukes/Festival. Static electricity is working against us.

4. THE HILLS! Living in the mountains gives us beautiful views and sunsets, but it also means pretty much anywhere you’re going on campus you will be walking uphill.

5. Trying to find your JAC card when you’re in the front of the line at the dining hall cash register- “It’s in this wallet somewhere I promise!” *person behind you sighs* *cashier sassily holding out their hand* “Where the heck is that JAC card?!?”

6. Having to go to the bookstore the first or last week of the semester.

7. Getting out of class just to find out the next bus home is coming in 40 minutes.

8. The train being your alarm clock at 6 a.m.

9. Fighting with your friends over whether you should do E-Hall or D-Hall brunch. E-hall parking is easier! But D-hall has unlimited pancakes. A pro/con list may be necessary before you can go anywhere.

10. The first time you use a weight machine at UREC and have no idea what you’re doing.

11. Being down to $5 in dining dollars with a month left of the semester. Damn you Starbucks and Dunkin’ and Einstein’s for being so delicious!

12. Random wind tunnels on East Campus.

13. Getting anywhere around Harrisonburg when we get more than an inch of snow. DO PLOWS EVEN EXIST IN THIS CITY?

Even with all these complications we collegiettes have to face on a regular basis, we know we’re still lucky to be attending the best school on earth. Despite your struggles JMU, we still love you!