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The 13 Stages of Scrambling for Summer Plans as Told by the Office

As we round out the final weeks of the semester, the reality of not having any summer plans is starting to sink in fast. While some handle the last ditch effort to find some with relative ease and grace, a majority of us do not. Here are the thirteen stages of scrambling for summer plans as told by The Office.

1. Suddenly you’re three weeks out from finals week and you realize that you have no idea what your summer plans are.



2. Actually, scratch that. Yes you do, and it looks something like this…


3. Hearing all of your friends talk about their awesome internships and summer jobs has you like


4. So you start calling every place that’s ever hired you in frenzy that resembles


5. But every HR person responds like


6. And when you actually get asked to send in a resume, you realize yours is so outdated that it’s shameful.



7. And, your potential employers all kind of agree


8. To top it off, your parents are questioning the money they’ve invested in your education



9. You think about going on a gram-worthy vacation but your bank account is not on board.



10. So all that’s left to do is sit and wait for rejection letters like


11. But then, just as you’re about to give up all hope, a beacon of shining light appears in your inbox.


12. Realizing that you’ve dodged the Empty Meaningless Summer Days Syndrome feels a lot like



13. Then, you promise yourself that this will never happen again



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