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12 Annoying Things All Exes Do

Boys… They just never learn do they? You would think that after things went downhill with that old boyfriend of yours he would be out of your life for good. Nope, you thought wrong. Exes just always find a way back in and drive you insane by doing so. Here are 12 annoying things all exes do that make you just want to…

1. He sends you random text messages like, “I miss you…” Please stop. Just stop. 

2. He becomes your latest friend and follower on all social media. But you don’t follow back because you’re just so much better than that. 

3. He tries to call you under a blocked number even though you know it’s him. Wait, how old are we again? 

4. He wants you back as soon as you’ve finally moved on. And he does this every time, but, “you are never ever ever ever getting back together.” 

5. All his new friends are all your old ones. He’ll do anything to get your attention when all you want is distance.  

6. He trash-talks you to his friends for no reason. And then asks them to message you for him. So. Not. Cool.

7. He still invites you places. Thanks, but no thanks. Staying friends with an ex is never the best idea. 

8. He purposely flirts with other girls right in front of you. I’m sorry, but was that supposed to make me jealous?

9. He turns into a completely different person. Were you hiding the real you this whole time or are you just trying to get attention? 

11. He’s always playing the victim card. Please accept some sort of responsibility.

12. He seems to be happier than ever with his new SO and makes sure you know about it. Because you care so much, right? #Bye 

Aleixka has a B.A. in Media Arts and Design and a minor in Spanish from James Madison University. She loves all things books, traveling, food, and photography.
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