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11 Signs of a Petty Friend

Pet·ty (ˈpedē) adjective- by Urban Dictionary’s definition it means somebody who takes a small subject and blows it out of proportion.  At time taking something insignificant into something bigger to suit their agenda. A “Petty Queen,” per say, does things out of spite but with reason behind it, a sort of “classy revenge.” Believe me we all have at least one petty moment in our lives (or several, but like who’s counting?) and maybe at some point have been a “Petty Queen.”  Yet we all have that one friend that we know is petty. They may embrace it like Petty Queen Joanne the Scammer, or might not know they’re “the petty friend.” Here are just a few signs of a petty friend.

1. They make a big deal over every little thing, and let you know it, too. Whether it’s their current interest not texting them back or you forgot to invite them to lunch, it’s an event and they’ll let you know you’re on the guest list.

2. They are vindictive, but a sly and classy version.

3. They will never admit fault, even if they’re at fault.

4. They will hold a grudge but be civil about it. Gotta keep it classy.

5. You might not know they’re “mad” at you but they are. You won’t know the reason why and they won’t tell you, but you might just have to find out from others.

6. Throwing shade is their second language and sippin’ on tea is their favorite pastime.

7. “Side eyes” and “eye rolls” are everyday gestures.

8. They have screenshots for days. Gotta have receipts on you.

9. Their pettiness is at its best on social media. From tweets to IG captions, it’s a whole sea of petty.

10. They “hate” drama, but usually they’re the mastermind behind it.

11. Sometimes they bring out the inner “Petty Queen” in you and it’s quite cathartic.

But despite all the pettiness, you still love them for all their pettiness.  After all, it’s quite entertaining to be around if it’s not directed towards you.

Hello, it's me. Edel (pronounced like the singer), was previously Assistant Social Editor, Video for Her Campus Media. She graduated in May 2018  from James Madison University in with a double major in Media Arts and Design and Communications Studies. Before joining the HC girl gang full-time she was the Campus Correspondent for the JMU Her Campus Chapter. She's an avid social media user, food enthusiast, and shopping extraordinaire. You can catch her taking a coffee break or binge-watching romantic comedies on Netflix.
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