10 Types Of People On Valentine’s Day Explained Through SpongeBob GIFs

1. You’re completely content with being alone, or at least you’ve convinced yourself that’s true.


2. You boldly confess your feelings to a new love interest.


3. You present your ex with a heartfelt present and beg for another chance.

4. You’re in love with your pet, in a totally non-weird way.


5. You attempt to beat the loneliness with a trip to the movies.


6. You project the fact that you’re in love onto all the miserable people.


7. You spend the evening consoling a brokenhearted friend.


8. You embark on a *wild* night out.


9. You get indulgent with some Netflix and snacks… in bed, at 3 A.M.


10. You’re one of the lucky few who’s with someone that loves you back… oh, and you’re eating fancy food too.