10 Types of Drunk Girls You Encounter in College



Which one are you?



1. The Sad Drunk

This is the girl who sobs over her ex-boyfriend whenever she gets drunk.  The tears are usually followed by “I’m so ugly, no wonder he broke up with me”.  By end of the night, this girl’s eye makeup is such a hot mess, you feel sad just looking at her.  It’s okay sis.


2. The Fighter

Ah, the sweet girl in English class who turns into an aggressive b*tch when drunk.  

Don’t make her angry or else your life might be at stake.



3. The Flirt

Every guy (and girl) in the room becomes a solid 10 once this girl gets lit.  She loves EVERYONE when she’s drunk and hits on anything with a heartbeat.



4. The Wild One

This girl goes CRAZY when she’s wasted and is always the most entertaining person to watch at the party.  She’ll rip her top off, take body shots, pee in the middle of the dance floor while everyone’s watching, have no shame, and won’t remember anything the next day.  Love it.



5. The Clingster

The clingster never stops following you around and continuously asks, “Do you like me?” 25,387 times over the course of the night.



6. The Tired Drunk

Alcohol calms this type of girl to a point where she doesn’t even talk anymore, just drunkenly tries to keep her eyes open.  The only thing on her mind is getting home and going to sleep.


7. The Horndog

The more drunk this girl gets, the more she craves sex.




8. The Sober Drunk

She might be sober.  She might be drunk. Either way, no one can tell, because she doesn’t act any different than normal.



9. The Loudmouth

This drunk girl always interrupts others’ sentences with loud, obnoxious comments.  No one has the heart to tell her to shut up (except maybe #2, the Fighter).



10. The Bathroom Slave

It’s like she didn’t even come out because she spends the whole time in the bathroom puking her brains out.  Poor girl.