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10 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Break is So Great

We all love getting that much-needed relaxation during Thanksgiving break.

1. Family

Family can be annoying and dramatic, but overall, we all love our families. Thanksgiving just brings families all together, which makes the holiday season that much more exciting!

2. Friends

Another reason why going home for Thanksgiving is so great is being able to see friends from back home. There’s something relaxing about seeing friends from high school and childhood.

3. Wine, wine, and did I say wine?

‘Cause let’s be real, pink moscato and a sweet red are always a great time, so why not on Thanksgiving?

4. Football

Even if you don’t pay attention or even understand the game, there’s nothing like feeling the energy and excitement while watching football with friends and family!

5. Food that’s not Ramen

Of course food has to be on this list. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries — need I say more?

6. De-stress before finals

One of the key reasons going home is so great is because of the down time you get while being home. Thanksgiving break gives you just enough time to catch up on your sleep schedule and renew your body before the stressful hell of finals week.

7. Laundry for Days

Because who doesn’t love having mom wash and fold your laundry?

8. Pets

Pets make everything less stressful! Getting to see your pets during Thanksgiving break is definitely awesome and will also help with #6.

9. Sleeping in your own bed

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sleeping in your own bed.

10. More Food

Not that E-hall isn’t great, but it can never compare to Thanksgiving dinner.

Senior English Major with a concentration in Creative Writing. Proud dog mom that consumes too much green tea. Planning to attend Graduate School for Strategic Public Relations and Digital Media. 
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