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10 Indie Bands to Add to Your iPod

1. Echosmith
Echosmith is an indie-pop band formed in Southern California. The band is composed of 4 siblings and the lead singer is 15 years old. Although this band is just starting out, their songs feature soulful lyrics and catchy beats. Their sound is similar to Of Monsters and Men.

Best Songs: “Cool Kids” and “Come Together”

2. 2AM Club
2AM Club comes from California. Their songs are a blend of mellow indie-pop and hip-hop, featuring prominent percussion and electric pianos. Their sound is comparable to Travie McCoy or Maroon 5.

Best Songs: “Worry About You” and “Nobody’s In Love”

3. Radical Something
Hailing from California, Radical Something has modern R&B and reggae influences. Their songs are perfect for listening to on the beach. Similar artists include Shwayze, Michael Franti, and Weezer.  

Best songs: “Cheap Drink,” “Be Easy,” and “California.”

4. Armin van Buuren
Armin van Buuren is a Dutch trance music producer and DJ. With electronica influence and unsyncopated ensemble rhythms, his songs have an energy that will make anyone want to dance. Fans of Tiesto, Alesso, and Zedd will appreciate this artist.

Best Songs: “This Is What It Feels Like” and “Alone”

5. Smallpools
This brand new indie-pop band was formed just this year. Their fresh off-kilter pop songs are upbeat and sure to put you in a good mood. Fans of Passion Pit, Two Door Cinema Club, and Phoenix will flock to this band.

Best Songs: “Dreaming” and “Over and Over”

6. St. Lucia
St. Lucia is a one-man band from New York. This artist brings a sense of nostalgia to each song with mild rhythmic syncopation. Similar bands include MGMT and Capital Cities.

Best Songs:  “All Eyes On You” and “Closer Than This”

7. Adventure Club
This electronic dance music duo features “headnodic” beats, vocal counterpoints, and breathy female vocals that give each song a trance-like feel that you will lose yourself in. The songs have some dubstep qualities and will attract fans of Krewella and Calvin Harris.

Best Songs: “Wait” and “Youth”

8. Carolina Liar
Carolina Liar is an American alternative rock band. This band was best known for their songs, “I’m Not Over” and “Show Me What I’m Looking For” a few years back. Recently, they’ve fallen off the charts. However, their collaboration with Cher Lloyd brought them back into the spotlight. This band will always be a classic for me. Fans of The Fray and OneRepublic will enjoy them.  

Best Songs: “Beautiful World” and “Done Stealin”

9. Call the Cops
Call the Cops uses extensive vamping and heavy electric rhythm guitars to create a fun electro-pop sound. This genre was popularized by All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, and The Ready Set.

Best Songs: “Shot Me Down,” “Get Up or Get Down,” and “Crash”

10. New Politics
This alternative rock band is from Denmark. Their fun, quirky lyrics will make you want to sing along. Fans of Neon Trees, Walk the Moon, and Grouplove will flock to New Politics.  
Best Song: “Harlem”

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