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$1 Margaritas- THIS IS NOT A DRILL

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

This week started out just like any other, trying to get my life together while my boyfriend sits on my bed consumed by ESPN and the group chat.  Then it suddenly all changed.  He showed me the latest message- “APPLEBEE’S HAS $1 MARGS ALL OF OCTOBER”.  My head flooded with thoughts, this can’t be real, it’s too good to be true, why would someone be so cruel and make up such a lie.  I did some research and it appeared to be legit- no #FakeNews over here, but I had to check it out for myself.  


The next day, I arrived at our local Applebee’s ready to check out every college student’s dreams.  The waitress came over to greet us and I felt like a kid on Christmas, “Hey can I start you all off with something to drink?”, yes can you please! Immediately I oh so casually asked “so what’s the deal with these $1 margs? Is there a limit or some rules or anything like that” and her response couldn’t have made me any happier… “No, just as it sounds.  Unlimited margaritas only costing $1, people have been getting them all day!”. Music to my ears!

Many people have asked me how the $1 margs were, and my response is that you would expect to get what you pay for- but in this case I’d disagree.  I would imagine a $1 drink to be terrible, and although it wasn’t the best drink I’ve ever had, it’s cheaper than ordering an iced tea.  I will be going back (probably more often then I’ll admit to everyone else), and if this is a result of millennials ruining chain restaurants, oh well… I think someone spoke to soon because this deal is an ode to millennials everywhere.