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Toys R No Longer


I remember walking around the gigantic toy store in awe of the shelves and shelves of toys. My dad would say to me “okay you can pick one thing” and I would race around the store trying to decide which one would be my newest treasure.

The days of gigantic toy store trips are over and done with. Toys R US recently announced that they would be closing all stores as they have not turned a profit since 2012. The toy industry will be significantly impacted as Toys R Us has been a huge seller for decades. In the age of technology, kids no longer yearn for toy store trips but rather trips to get the newest iPhone.

Besides the economical impact on the toy industry, our societal culture is shifting significantly. We are heading faster into an age away from plastic toys and straight into childhoods filled with screens. Amazon will probably take the toy industry under its wing and become an even bigger giant.

What industry will be next?

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