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Tiffany Onyejiaka, BSU Vice President

1) Name: Tiffany Onyejiaka
2) Major, Year: Public Health & Africana Studies, 2017
3) Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
4) Affiliated with: BSU Vice President 
5) You can probably find me… somewhere in OMA – most likely in Ms. Nance’s office.
6) The best thing about Hopkins is… the accessibility of faculty and administrators in CAS and OMA. I am beyond blessed to be surrounded by adult professionals who truly care about seeing me succeed as a student, an activist and a human. 
7) Something most people don’t know about me is… that my last name is phonetically pronounced Own-yay-gee-ah-Kah and it means  “one who holds hands” in Igbo.
8) This year I hope to… help inspire students at Hopkins, from various demographics and backgrounds, to be more active and fight to enact change on campus. I think Hopkins get a very bad rep as being apathetic but there are so many students here who want to make a mark on this campus and this world – they just need the right opportunities to do so. 
9) In five years I will be… in medical school!
10) Next up for me is… finals! Student activists are still students first!
11) Being in the BSU is important to me because… I am a firm believer that people should should always fight for the rights they deserve to have. Every Hopkins student should feel valued and respected – which is a large thing BSU is fighting for. We want to create a campus where black students feel completely integrated AND we want students to realize they have the power and voice to change this institution for the better. 
12) My hope for the future of the BSU is… that the future leaders will continue to have passion and enact even more change on Hopkins campus. We have a phenomenal group of underclassmen in our general body so I’m 1000% sure that Hopkins is going to see incredible change enacted by the future generations of black student leaders. 
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