String (Cheese) Theory Volume One: They’re Stringing Us Along

Welcome to the first installment of my string cheese review series. This bi-weekly series will explore and rate various string cheese brands from grocery stores near campus. First up is Giant brand string cheese, or, in other words, a Giant™ disappointment.

The one thing Giant string cheese has going for it is the cost per unit. I definitely got more string cheese for my dollar. The overall string quality is poor, though. When I went to string it for the first time I was met with numerous annex strings. My taste-testers agreed; if you appreciate the experience of peeling a self-contained, uniform piece of cheese off of your string cheese this is not the brand for you.

If the only problem with this string cheese was the stringing quality it would have received much higher marks. My biggest issue with the Giant string cheese is the moisture content. The package claims that it is “low moisture,” but my experience is to the contrary. Holding this string cheese left my hand dripping with cheese fluid. I had to dab the cheese as if it was a dollar slice of pizza in order to make it suitable for consumption. Even after a thorough drying process the cheese was left with a slippery, unpleasant texture.

Overall, I give Giant String Cheese 3/10 stars. We all deserve more from our cheese.