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The Story of JHU Homecoming ’15

JHU had their annual Homecoming just last weekend and the weather was gorgeous! We were blessed with a warm day (which we’re all missing now that the weather has dipped back down to the 50s). Here are some of the stages of Homecoming at Hop.

The anticipation of the event is the first stage. Not only the weeks leading up to it, but the line as you wait to get in and claim your seat (not an easy thing to do since the stadium is always so packed). But it is the perfect time to take some photos with your friends.

Once you’re in, it’s up to you to find that coveted seat. If you’re lucky you’ll get the front row, and then you can watch everyone as they come in after the first quarter, looking for a place to sit. 

Some people are lucky enough to have VIP reserved seating, like our very own band or cheer squad. But they deserve it with all the hard work they put in trying to bring out our hidden Blue Jay spirit. 

Some who were smart stopped by the tailgate before the game and grabbed some awesome swag to help them with their cheer spirit. Who doesn’t love to have a giant foam finger to wave around?

Now in-between the cheering and the seat-saving, you’ve got to get your cute photos in. And a Homecoming must is a pic with the Blue Jay. What other way can you really show that you came to the game and love your school?

Some people get very creative with how they show they went to the game–wanting their face and the field in the photo. You can just sense that determination for a win. 


And once we’ve won–as we always do on Homecoming–it’s time to head to the beach for some sunning and more picture taking. But now with the caption “Blue Jays Victorious”. 



Photos Courtesy of Cristina Garrido, Gigi Cabello, Sage Reisner, Liti Zhang, Gauri Bhatnagar, Sarah Krasnik, and Amanda Lourenco.

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