Sabrina Rodriguez: Aspiring Lawyer

Meet our next new writer, Sabrina!


1. Name: Sabrina Rodriguez

2. Major: International Studies

3. Hometown: Tampa, FL

4. Affiliated with: The Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Debate Council

5. You can usually find me: In the Hut doing my readings or having movie nights with my friends

6. My favorite part about Hopkins is: How every single person is so passionate about something and they're always down to tell you about it.

7. In five years I will be: Hopefully in my last year of law school!

8. One thing people don't know about me: Even though people usually associate my name with the teenage witch, I'm actually named after the      1995 movie Sabrina

9. My favorite place on campus: The Hut because it makes any amount of homework easier to do.

10. Favorite animal: Dogs, specifically, my two labs back home.

11. Any advice for incoming freshmen: Don't be afraid of change and going outside your comfort zone! Sometimes we stick with a major or a track because it's what we have grown used to. Don't limit yourself and explore new things, you never know what your passion might end up being!


Welcome to the team!!