Recipe of the Week: Spring Fruit Dish Ideas

It’s springtime!!


One of my favorite parts about spring is the shift away from warm “winter foods” to cooler or more fresh food, especially fruit. If you’re a fruit lover like me, keep reading for a few fruit dish ideas that I encountered while traveling abroad!


Raspberries in Orange juice (Spain): Make sure to get a fresh bunch of raspberries, wash them, and dump them in a bowl of fresh orange juice. If you have a sweet tooth, sprinkle some sugar on top of it, too.


Citrus Salad (Morocco): Peel some oranges and grapefruit, removed the seeds, and toss them together with fruit juice. Refrigerate it for a few hours, and then it’s ready to eat!


Clementines and Sorbet (Switzerland): typically a Christmas desert, it is too good to turn down. A simple scoop of clementine sorbet inside the peel of an actual clementine! Refrigerate overnight, then dig in. It’s a creative and tasty treat.